The Historical School of Nojomieh is located in front of Gonabad central mosque and in the eastern district. it has played a special role in the promotion and teaching of the famous scientists and scholars of Gonabad, with regard to the science and knowledge scholars in there.
Historical School of Nojomieh
According to evidences, topics related to astronomy and constellation have been taught at the Historical School of Nojomieh, and the existence of such a building with the specialized training of astronomy confirms the value of this science in the Gonabad of the Safavid era. As far as the historical sources and travelogues are concerned, Khorasan and in particular, have introduced this region as the center of the famous Iranian celestial and astronomical scientists.
Among the astronomers of Gonabad, we can name Mollazafar and his sons, Mohammad Taghi, Mirzashefi, Mohammad Taghi Monajem and others.