Gonabad Round in 1 Day (Gonabad Car Tour)

Experience Gonabad like a local with Car!

Literally, Gonabad is home to many historical and natural sites and visiting all of them needs a lot of time, definitely more than a day. However, in one day you can visit some of these places by car.

Tour No.1

On this tour we will see:

• Kowsar Historical Complex

• Omrani Clay Architectural Complex

• Omrani Desert

• Kal-e-Shour River

• Kamar Ziarat Recreational Center

Tour No.2

On this tour we will see:

• Riab tourism destination village

• Sar-Asiab village

• Darb-e-Sufe Summer Village

• Natural landscapes of Rochi village and Dam

• Takzow (Salehabad) Village

• Kakhk tourist area, Waterfall and Dam

You will ride around Gonabad County and then walk in these fascinating places to give your legs a rest and escape from the traffic of the city. However, at the moment you get to these places, you’ll see the long ride was absolutely worth it.

What You Can Expect Of These Tours:

Cultural Attractions
Natural Attractions
Historical Attractions

Catering (Free): Iranian Juice, Iranian lunch

Tour Guide (English Language)

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