Gonabad Free Walking Tour

An adventure in the heart of the world’s largest Qanat !

This is your first visit to Gonabad, and you are looking for an overview of Gonabad’s greatest landmarks? This Gonabad free walking tour will introduce you to This Old County.

On this tour we will see:

• Imam Khomeini sq

• Nasir Khosrow st

Ghasabe Qanats, wolrd’s deepest and oldest qanat

Museum of Anthropology

Nojoomieh School

Shariat old house

Water Museum

• Walk through a part of Bazaar

• Jame Mosque

• Saffron Farms (depends on season)

How it works?

I’ll do this for free! This means that I won’t charge you. All you need is to grab your backpack and walk with me along the streets of Gonabad. That’s how our journey begins.

First, just contact me and suggest a day and perhaps let me know what you are interested in. When I have received your request, I will design a tour plan, and describe my suggestion to you. After we agree on a good plan, we meet up and walk the tour together!

When can we go?

I normally do one or two tour a week. On daytime on Persian weekends (that is Thursday and Friday) and all other days only evenings, 5-10 PM.

The tour date and time is decided upon request.

What You Can Expect?

Historical Attractions
Cultural Attractions

Booking Now

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